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Who We Are ?

We Zema Automation & Controls Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi India  is a Group Company & Channel Sales Partner for Delta Electronic India Pvt. Ltd with specialized expertise in AC Motor Drive, IP55 Fan & Pump Drive, Standard Compact Drive, Vector Control Drive, Fan/ Pump Vector Control Drive, Textile Vector Control Drive, Economy Vector Control Drive, Heavy Duty Control Drive, Power Regenerative Unite, Hybrid Energy Saving System, Integrated Elevator Drive, Door Control Drive, Elevator Drive, Sensor less vector Control Compact Drive, Power Quality Solution-Active Front End, Static Var Generator, Active Power Filter, Motion- AC Servo Drive and Motor, High- Speed Motion And Control System, Linear Motion Drive, Ironless Linear Motor, Spindle Motor Drive, IPM Spindle Motor, Gearbox- Planetary Gearbox, Linear Motion Products, Delta Articulated Robot, SCARA Robot, Robot Controller with Servo Drive Integrated, CNC Solution, PC Based Motion Controller, PLC- Compact Modular Mid-range PLC, High Performance Mid-range PLC, High Performance PLC, Standard PLC Analog I/O PLC, Network Type Advanced Slim PLC, High Performance Slim PLC, Standard Slim PLC, Advanced Slim PLC, Analog I/O Slim PLC, Multi-axis Motion Controller, General Motion Controller, Touch/Text Panel HMI, Human Machine Interface, Industrial PC, Industrial Ethernet Switch, Industrial Cloud Router, Machine Vision System, Temperature Controller, Valve Controller, Timer/Counter/Tachometer, Pressure Sensor, Sensor- Photoelectric Sensor, Inductive Proximity Sensor, Fiber Amplifier, Laser Displacement, Area Sensor, Power Meter, Rotary Encoder, Industrial Power Supply.

Hermann Zander GmbH & Co.KG Partner

Exclusive Channel Sales Partner for Hermann Zander GmbH & Co. KG  Germany offer a reliable safety and control technology in the area of Industrial since 1950, with specialized expertise in Micro Switches, Control Relay, Safety Relay, Compact Power Supply  Unit, Digital Timers/Counters, Fault Detector Relay, PLC Cam Controller/ Shaft Encoder, High- Speed FPGA-Micro PLC, Safety Switch, Micro Switch, Rope Switch/ Non Contact Safety Switches.

Kyoritsu Electrical Instruments Works, LTD Channel Partner

Industrial Channel Sales Partner for Kyoritsu Japan who is having global presence in Electrical Test & Measurement equipment since 1940 ,with specialized expertise in Low Voltage Test & Measurement, Analogue Multimeters, Digital Multimeters, Analogue Clamp Meter, Digital Clamp Meters, Clamp Meter (flex), Digital DC mA Clamp Meter, Analogue Insulation Tester, Digital, Insulation Tester, Analogue Earth Tester, Digital Earth Tester, Earth Clamp, Loop/PSC Tester, RCD Testers, Loggers, Multifunction Testers, Portable Appliance Testers, Power Meter, Phase Rotation Tester, AC Clamp Adaptors.

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