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Soil Piezometer

We have a well-maintained and spacious storage space and thus, we are flexible enough of meeting the urgent needs. Furthermore, we by no means go out of stock and thus we maintain year-round accessibility of all the products. We keep a stern check on the payment procedures and simultaneously maintain records of the transactions made with us. Thus, we ensure that the payments are received with utmost security.

Features :

  • Small diameter Uses proven Vibrating Wire (VW) technology  Manufactured from high grade 316 stainless steel for extended operation In-built temperature compensation
  • Hermetically sealed Suitable for long-term monitoring
  • No electronic components in sensor module Capable of measuring negative pore pressures to 50 kPa Fitted with thermistors for temperature monitoring

Product Benefits :

  • Accurate, repeatable readings over long cable lengths
  • Long working life, long-term stability and reliability
  • Fast response to pressure changes
  • Design prevents case stresses from a ecting readings
  • Over-voltage surge arrestor protects against electrical damage
  • Connecting cable is strong, screened and exile.
  • Use: Measuring pore pressures in the ground.
  • Feature : Small diameter
  • Application : Laboratory

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