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ACS150 ABB Drives Inverters

In order to suit varied requirements of the clients, we have developed a secure payment procedure that has assorted offline and online options. As a customer-focused firm, we strive hard to delight them with a high-quality range of products that are the perfect outcome of premium raw material and modern work methods. 

Other details :

  • Useful for various robotic applications, room visitor counter systems, etc.
  • Adjustable range using preset (using potentiometer on board)
  • Mounting hole of 2.5 mm diameter for easy mounting
  • Operating Voltage – 5V DC
  • Digital Output – Logic one (+3.5V DC) logic zero (0V DC)
  • This can, in turn, be used for detecting white or black lines (inline follower Robots) or bright or dark objects (in object identification Robots)

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